Good Places to Watch all the Action


Castle Square:

The finish, it’s where it all happens, as the riders begin to ease back in their seats after the bone shaking climb of Michaelgate and the arduous twists and turns of the Burton Village descent. Spare a few words of encouragement and shout on your personal favourites and of course the home grown heroes. In the square you can also listen to and stay up to date with every minute of the action with in depth and exciting commentary from Tony Gibb and live update from out on the course.


Burton Village:

If you want to see the riders at speed, flat out and taking chances, walk out to Burton village, or get there early and stake your claim to a spot on the course that promises to deliver high speed action as the bunch flies past at breakneck pace. The descent into the village is, at places, a one in eight downhill hair raiser with twists and turns as the bunch tries to stay on the defensive and not allow anyone to use it as a spring board to mount a breakaway. But be warned, it’s not for the faint hearted!


Saxilby Road:

If you’ve always wanted to see that ‘Tour de France’ look of a big peleton as riders take turns on the front or try and find somewhere to hide from the wind and maybe catch their breath. This is a great place to watch the race go by. Take your camera and get some shots of cycle racing ‘Tour’ style. If your were under any illusion that bike racing is easy - watch a few laps go past here, especially if the wind is against the riders.  The team captains must get their troops organised and keep the tempo high so the hard men of cycling can't launch themselves off the front and try to outpace and outstay the angry pack.



Anyone wanting to get up close and personal with the riders should make their way to the one in six cobbled Michaelgate climb. The race has been won and lost here on many occasions and a late burst of speed from tired and aching legs might just be enough to cross the finish line first and take the honours. Keep an eye on your toes though as the riders battle to keep their tyres in the smoother guttering on each side of the road and are forced to swing out wide as they approach the finish.


Long Leys Road:

Often the point of no return, lone breakaways test their resolve against a hard chasing pack. Many have tried but fewer still have had the strength or courage to keep ahead. If you've made the wrong calculation here, and not left yourself with enough of a gap, the bunch will reel you in as if you were standing still. Will they or won’t they make it to the finish and claim the grand prize and respect of the crowd in a gritty solo effort.


The Bailgate Area:

Of course nearly anywhere is a great place to watch the race go past. Pick your spot or have a wander around the course, you’ll find plenty of Pubs and Inns serving up good honest food, drink and Lincolnshire hospitality. This very Roman area of uphill Lincoln has a lot to offer the visiting tourist and there is plenty of opportunity to get that arty award winning picture as the riders pass through Newport Arch.

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